Excuse me while I write again

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about a single thing in a couple months. Oh, well. I’m writing now.

I’ve been in a bad mood today. Just today for some reason (so far) but, I think it kind of hit me. I realllllllly loved Africa. I knew I had developed a love for it when I first got home and nestled back into my own bed. But, as the months keep going by…I am noticing more and more…and more that I miss it so freaking much. Then, another thing hit me. How much I dislike this country. America. I swore to myself when I was in Africa that I would not get caught up in the self-centeredness and greed of this country and that I would be different now that I’ve been to Africa.

But, I fell in. Better yet, I fell back in. I’m worried about my clothes, what people think and other shallow things of this world. This is where I might get kind of long-winded/ranty. I find myself judging people on why in the world they would buy that, do that, say that and making myself feel better by saying if only they could see Africa and what’s happening there. But, all the while, I’m shopping online, going out to eat, complaining about my spotify buffering while I stream thousands of songs to my iPhone. In which I don’t use for any other reason but to keep up with Facebook as if some life altering event is going to happen from the time that I checked it at 12:15 to the time when I check it again at 12:20. I’m not blaming anyone but myself because I know I can be an exception to this mad society. It is possible. But, how did we get to this point? How is the biggest thing in the news about a group of people hating a chicken restaurant? I mean. Seriously. We have bigger chicken to fry. Pun completely intended. I don’t know any solutions or have answers on how we got to this point or how we get out of it. All I know is that it’s extremely hard to live here with all these distractions. Africa life is so simple.

Now, I know that most of you won’t have any idea of where I’m coming from. You probably never will. But, it’s a sucky feeling knowing that a major portion of your society cares more about ebay and french fries then they do about a third world country in east Africa. Or any third world country for that matter. I blame only me for letting myself be dictated by such a place. But, as a whole…I think we all need to wake up. and, unlike me. Take some action on a few matters that strike deep to your heart. Whether it be helping out a homeless person or donating some of your hard earned dough to a non profit you believe in. Don’t do it to show society your doing something. Don’t do it to make yourself happy. Do it because your helping someone else. Do it because it’s right.

And from now on I am trying to be more world-conscious instead of self-conscious. Feel free to keep me accountable.

I’m out.

Jordan Scott


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