How I Became a Rugby Player

So here’s the story of how John (The other guy on my Uganda team) and I became Rugby players…

John was working in the computer cafe that was at the church we were working with. It’s not much of a cafe. More like a classroom filled with Windows computers. A man by the name of Carter had approached him and long story short asked if he and myself would like to come to a practice of the Rugby team he was a captain/coach for. Of course John said yes. He would have been crazy not to.

I can’t remember exactly how our first visit to practice came about or when but I can tell you that we got to practice touch Rugby with a bunch of Ugandans and share a bit of the word of God with them. It was awesome. So, Carter then asks us if we can attend a live match one Saturday. Again, you bet we do!

Ok. The time comes for us to go to this game. We bring a couple of our friends from the team with us for support. Ally and Somer. They brought cameras. Luckily. We get there and the match is already happening. We see them playing and struggling to play good defense against our opponent….then not even 1 full minute into us being there to WATCH this madness. Carter our coach/captain calls out to us telling us to get in the game. QUICKLY.

So John and I manage to tie our shoes, stretch a little bit and get focused on the match at hand in about 35 seconds. 5 seconds after that we are playing LIVE TACKLE RUGBY against huge, fast, tough Africans. Holy crap. Whats happening?

You may not believe it, but John and myself managed to do pretty well. John made a couple tackles and I got to show off my gazelle like speed a little bit (not really, I was tackled and scraped my knee). And, for the rest of our time in Uganda we were apart of the UTC Jeepers Rugby squad. Two white dudes.

I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to be an example to these fellow men and develop quality relationships with them. I love being apart of a team. Especially in sports. Setting a goal and working together to get to that goal. Even if you don’t reach it. Together you were striving for something that others may have deemed impossible. It builds character in you. Whether you fail or you achieve it. It teaches you something no matter the outcome. I eat it up.

So I leave you with this. Set your goals high, and your dreams higher.